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Free Printable Father's Day Cards


Fast--Easy--Masculine--Textured--Fits Office Envelope

Our tall, narrow tri-fold Father's Day Card has crinkly textured paper and features tags made from a Dymo Label Maker. Since many of you will be at work when you print this, we designed it to fit in a standard office envelope.

You can run this card thru your printer 2 times to print the front and the back. The fold lines are on the card itself in faint gray. 

It is best to print on smooth white card stock and score your fold lines before you make the folds. You can use a ruler and a metal paper clip or a ballpoint pen that has run out of ink. If you put a magazine or stack of paper under the card to score, it will make a better indentation. Watch out for newspapers tho, they can leave ink on your card where you score.

This card is designed to fit in a standard office envelope. It has two folds. The front has the textured gold paper  w/ "DAD" in mini tags and the inside flap says "Happy Father's Day". You can write whatever you want on the inside of the card.

We print this card in the photos at "Fit to Page" and "High Quality" on a Canon i3000 inkjet.

We hope you enjoy using our free printable Fathers Day Card and tell your crafty friends and link to us from your blogs. 

Scoring a free printable fathers day card folding the printed card
The back of the free card Write a message in your printed fathers Day card
Free card fits into a office envelope This printable Father's Day card fits right into a standard office envelope. 

Download Free Father's Day Textured Card

Download Free Father's Day Textured Card Inside

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