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Printing & Ink Tips


This web site is loaded with free scrapbooking graphics you can print yourself, instantly by downloading from the web. Take a minute to read some tips about saving a great deal of money on ink and about some good acid free papers.

GOOD NEWS ! Save on ink ! Use generic ink jet cartridges to save big money :

Some recommended suppliers:




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I used to re-fill my own cartridges, but now the generic ink cartridges are so cheap that I don't fool with that messy task any more. But you can do it. Many people are afraid that refilling their own cartridges will void the printer warranty. Read the fine print in your manual, most likely it will say they 'recommend you use the printer's own  brand'. Of course the manufacturers try to discourage the use of generic ink, they make the big money on the ink.

Everyone Can Easily Print Pastel Designs--read how.

Printing brightly colored graphics in Economy or Draft Mode will result in lovely prints in pastel versions of the same colors shown on the screen. Additionally, many people don't know that they can set the printer on 'draft' or 'economy' to really save ink when printing out things to read later or sheets of directions to follow. Look under 'settings' or 'options'-->'advanced'-->a new box will open offering this ink saving mode. 

Laser Printers: As far as all information I have run across, all laser printing is fine for scrapbooking and card making. Many of the scrapbook shops have color laser printers to make copies for you. Often they will take more time to make corrections to get accurate colors than a busy place like Kinkos. I find also that the big office supply stores like Office Depot do a fine job. If the clerk seems uninterested in accuracy,, try a different store. I have an Office Depot near me with a wonderful employee who will go to great lengths to get the best possible copies.

Use Good Paper ! It is Cheap !

exact.gif (24296 bytes)  Some of my favorite papers to print on.

Wausau Exact Index
The manufacturers web site states it is acid free and archival quality (click to  read)

It comes in two thickness, 90 lbs. and 110 lbs., both are fine.  

GP-acid-free-paper.jpg (18056 bytes)

Georgia-Pacific Card Stock
Just found this paper at Sam's Club and it is acid-free nice and crisp (110 weight) and makes great prints-plus it is cheap. 

wausau-bright-white-paper.gif (14775 bytes) This Wausau Bright White Premium Card Stock is Acid Free/Lignin Free and has a whiteness factor of "96". They recommend it for scrapbooking on the package. 

More papers:

We recommend that you use a  card/cover stock paper when printing out cards and graphics to be cut out, like titles, etc. Ink jet paper is rated for brightness/whiteness with numbers like 82,87,92... The higher the number, the brighter your colors will look. The heavier weight paper will not buckle from the moisture in the ink and is much easier to cut with sharp, clean edges, etc. 

Four good papers that are acid-free, do a great job and are very economical:

paper2.gif (38254 bytes)      paper3.gif (34505 bytes)      paper4.gif (20297 bytes) 

For Inkjet Printing of Photos:  

Great White Imaging & Photo Paper Great White Matte Finish Photo Paper. You can buy it other places too. It is made by International Paper.  Sam's Club and Costco usually have the Kodak Photo Paper or other national brands at much reduced prices in large packs. Please note: The Royal-Brite brand that Sam's carries on occasion is getting poor reviews.

OK--now package at my Wal-Mart has changed. Black Box--It says "Jet Print Photo"--made by same co.--same paper--same price.


Or for photos, use Shutterfly---read about it here. Real handy--good prices, and they start you off with good free offers.

  Make Your Own Stickers !

Avery Office Products makes a new product that you can use in your ink jet printer to make your own stickers. It is a whole sheet of white sticker paper. You just print and cut out your stickers in any shape you want. It is 10 sheets to the pack. 


Free Scrapbook Printables