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Free Printable Butterfly Floral Greeting Card Construction

This tri-fold birthday card will fit a standard office envelope. The background sheet is printed and the cute things on the front are cut-outs that you print, cut and attach with glue, tape or 3-D foam sticker tabs if you have them for a dimensional look. 

1. First print the streamer background in Blue-Purple, Pink  or Orange-Yellow. Card stock or heavy duty paper is recommended but not necessary. (Blue Purple Card is used in this example)

2. Flip the paper over and run it thru the printer a second time to print the inside design. It doesn't matter which way you orient the paper, the design is the same at both ends.

Alternate Colors:
Orange-Yellow here
  Pink-Purple here

3. For a nice crisp fold, score the card on the fold lines. We have marked the lines for you. Use a ruler and a ballpoint that is out of ink, or the round top edge of a hard. We used a metal nail file tip. Place the card on a magazine or stack of paper to make scoring the fold line easier. Don't use newspaper or it can transfer ink to the card.


4. Print the birthday rubber stamp designs (we used 1 - A & 2 - A) and cut them out leaving a white margin all around every item. This makes it easy to cut them out and you don't have to be precise.

Alternate Colors:
Stamp Cutouts 1 - B & 2 - B  

Stamp Cutouts 1 - C & 2 - C

5. Arrange your flowers and leaves. Tuck the stems of the leaves under the edges of the flowers, let a little of the edges of your cut-outs go outside the printed border. 

Alternate Colors:

Stamp Cutouts 1 - B & 2 - B  

Stamp Cutouts 1 - C & 2 - C


6. Glue your leaves first maybe holding off on one leaf to glue last. If you want a 3-D look for your card, use rolled up tape (sticky side out) or little foam sticky glue tabs on the backs for your flowers and butterfly. 

7. Your card will look like this on the outside. 

8. This card fits in a standard office envelope. It should be able to be mailed for regular first class postage as it is not heavy. 

9. This card is great to display on a desk or window sill. 

10. There are so many options for what you can do on the inside. You can just write a message and sign the card or use of our ideas: 

Cut out Sayings for Greeting Cards These Cutout Messages available in Blue, Pink and Orange are a cute way to personalize your card.
Messages for Greeting Cards Free Printable Card Messages

TIP: The free printables that we used in this card are Purple-Blue Tri-Fold Card and Card Inside, Cut-out Stamps 1 - A & 2 - A and Cutout Messages

You could also have used the Purple-Blue Inside Moving Announcement, Poems or Invitation Panels or the Greeting Banners  like in the example below.

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greeting card clip artNeed extra green foliage for your greeting cards ?...see our foliage embellishement cut-outs.

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