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Free Printable Greeting Cards-Streamers Design in Purple

Also available in Pink-Purple & Orange-Yellow 
See also Dimensional Cards

For Directions on Making These Cards Into Money Holders Click Here

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These tri-fold greeting cards all fit into standard office envelopes. We have designs for all occasions plus plain front ones for you to use as-is or decorate in any way you want. All printable greeting cards  are .pdf format. Need a .pdf reader?

Tri-Fold Printable Greeting Cards


Greeting Cut-Out Banners

TIP: Want to add a dimensional look to your cards? Just print these matching 'banners' and use foam sticky-dots to attach directly over the printed banner on the card's front. 

2 Page .pdf Download

Front or Inside Cut-out Messages 

Friendship Poem Insert
For the center panel inside the card

Friendship Poem Insert Download

Friendship ...

There's a wonderful thing that gold cannot buy,

a blessing that's rare and true,

and that's the gift of a wonderful friend,

like the friend I have in you.

A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though he knows that you are slightly cracked.  Between us, there are miles and miles.
Connecting us are thoughts and smiles.

For friends like us no distance wide
Can steal the joy we feel inside.
We're only memories apart -
Our friendship reaches heart-to-heart!

Printable We've Moved Card Insert

Printable Invitation Insert

We've Moved Inside Panel - Blue-Purple You're Invited Inside Panel - Blue-Purple

Greeting card cut-outs for inside or front of the card
In 3 Color Combos to Mix and Match

Stamps for Cards 1 - A Stamps for Cards 2 - A

TIP: Remember that you can set your printer preferences for 100%, 75% or 50% if you want to get a set of smaller images to attach with tape or glue to your greeting cards or invitations.

Stamps for Cards 1 - B Stamps for Cards 2 - B
Stamps for Cards 1 - C Stamps for Cards 2 - C
greeting card clip artNeed extra green foliage for your greeting cards ?...See our foliage embellishement cut-outs.

Pastels are Possible too !

TIP: We made this to show you how  these free printable cards look in pastel colors. 
This is the same card on 2 different print settings. The left half is "Draft" or "Economy" and the right side is Standard. If you want a softer look than our 'hot' colors, just use the Ink-Saver setting for your printer and you get a pastel version of our custom cards.

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