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Money Holder Cards

Free Printable Money Holder Cards

To make a Money Gift Card simply use a bit of glue or tape to fasten the outer edges of the inside flap of the tri-fold streamer print card. This forms the perfect pocket into which you can slide currency or a check. It looks especially nice if you take scissors and cut around the edges of the confetti design. Don't feel confused because the design does not have a distinct edge, just leave a margin of the background color all around your cut, about 1/8 inch out. Don't worry about following the edges of the confetti exactly.

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You can attach one of our cut-out card messages (Top Row Above), cute decorative stamps (Bottom Row Above) or just sign your name. Any way that you decide to put together our free printable money gift card we know that the recipient will be a happy one.

This printable money holder card/ check holder card will slide right into a standard office envelope if you have printed it on letter size (8 1/2 x 11 paper).

We suggest the Thank You, Happy Birthday, Congratulations, Happy Day,  or Unlabeled Front Cards for the Card Money Holder that you can print yourself. All of these cards are available in 3 different color palettes:

Click for Pink-Purple Cards, Orange-Yellow Cards, Blue-Purple Cards

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